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Why is Snapchat becoming more popular in this age?

Remember when there was no social media platform for people in the world and they used to talk with each other with the help of giant and fat phones made by Motorola. After the World Wide Web (www), everything started changing, and we got messengers like iconic Yahoo Messenger. It was the beginning of a new era of the internet, and it changed everything. Instead of using phones for text messaging, one can send the message using the famous Yahoo Messenger. That was the start of social media. But today, we have Facebook.com, Snapchat.com, and other social media platforms.

After the passage of time, we got different other tools like Yahoo’s messenger. But the most important change in the social media sector was the addition of Facebook. This website by Mark Zuckerberg changed everything. From a Harvard dropout to a millionaire, Mark Zuckerberg became famous due to Facebook. The site was also upgraded from Harvard’s school website that connects different students to a website which is working on connecting more and more people online around the globe. But, this was not the end of the social media war. Facebook just started another race of becoming more powerful and getting more user base. WhatsApp, Instagram, Google+, and others joined this game of becoming a favorite social media platform, and as a result, we have a lot of social platforms. But all of these social apps store personal data. It is the reason that a user started feeling insecure about his/her data. But in 2011, a Stanford University student launched a selfie app on iOS platform which was later named as “Snapchat.” The core purpose of this app was making a user feel secure. The app captures the picture of the user, and they become inaccessible after a short time. That is what made this app popular among the teens.

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After the passage of time, Snapchat introduced several features to become a favorite social media platform where users can share their stories, pictures, and videos with others. Snapchat started becoming popular, and teens were the top downloaders of this app. The iOS-only app was launched on Google Play store which made this app more successful. After refusing Facebook’s acquiring proposal, Snapchat started working on more features. The company becomes Snaphat.Inc loved by teens and those who like privacy. Some people even thought that Snapchat would eventually take over Facebook’s popularity. The significant difference between Snapchat and Facebook is that Snapchat is a selfie app and Facebook is a social media platform. But somehow, Snapchat managed to make Facebook fear of it. The company added discover feature where you can randomly find trending stories from around the world. You can also choose the stories of your interest. Many modern websites, companies, and celebrities started using this feature. Millions of Snapchat users use stories, discover, and chat feature. These unique features are the reason that people love this app so much.

In recent years, Snapchat focused on becoming a selfie app and rolled out their face masking and swapping features. It was an alarming situation for Facebook as many people joined Snapchat to test these features. Eventually, these elements became so popular that Facebook purchased a company with expertise in face masking technology and started copying Snapchat.

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