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Everything you need to know about Snapchat Login

In past couple of years, social media usage boosted more than ever. People are interacting with each other and users around the world. The primary purpose of these social apps is to connect with each other and share precious moments with friends and family. But the biggest problem was privacy. Many people needed an app that can make their photos and videos private. The solution for this issue was just not sharing images and videos with anyone. That is how they can be safe. But that was only till Snapchat became a reality. A Stanford student Evan Spiegel started developing Snapchat with other co-founders as a classroom task. Later on, the class fellows suggested them to make this app public as a platform where people can use it for sharing their life moments with their friends on loved ones. The snapchat came into being after that, and it became available on iOS and Android platforms for free.

What is Snapchat?

So, what is Snapchat? Well, it’s an app that lets you share content like videos and pictures with your followers. The followers can be the general public or your friends and family members. You can also save memories and do tons of things with this mobile app. One of the best features that Snapchat added in recent years is discovered panel. This screen can be accessed by swiping left. It is on the right side. Here publishers like National Geographic Channel, Mashable, CNN and others create content that millions of people see every day. Snapchat also has a unique feature of face swapping and mapping. There are multiple filters available in the app that anyone can use on their selfies. The most viral filter is the dog filter which lets you become a dog in the videos.

Snapchat Sign up

If you love the idea of self-destructing photos and videos after a person sees them, then you must sign up for Snapchat for pc. Signing up for Snapchat is really straightforward and easy to understand. To begin the process of signing up, you have to install the app for Android or iOS ecosystem. After the completion of app installation on Android iOS platform, you can begin the sign-up process by launching the app for the first time. Follow the guidelines, and then you will be registered with the Snapchat.

Snapchat Online

Snapchat is an online platform where mobile users can share their memories with their followers. Users can select the target audience from their privacy settings. Snapchat users can also view content from giant publishers like CNN, National Geographic Channel and others.

Who uses Snapchat?

Snapchat is mostly used by teens. The target audience is the people who often use the front facing camera of their smartphones. The teens are the only category which frequently clicks selfies on their smartphones. Snapchat is also very popular among those who take privacy extremely seriously. The app destroys your pictures and videos after your friends finished watching them. The stories feature of the app lets people share their moment for 24 hours with the friends and followers in Snapchat.

What’s the point of Snapchat?

Snapchat was the first platform that lets you share photos and videos which disappear after short time. No other social media platform offered this service before Snapchat. But this is not the reason for this App’s success. The other cool features of Snapchat

What are Official Stories?

Emoji that show up near the Snapchat stories are used for officially verified accounts. If an account is showing a custom emoji or an emoji like high-heeled shoe emoji, cactus, bomb, pear, siren, folded hands, then it means that the account belongs to a celebrity. So, if you see an emoji on a person’s profile, then they have verified their account.

Trophy Case

Snapchat trophy case is located at the top of the ghost screen. It can be accessed by tapping the trophy icon which you will see near ghost screen. The trophy case will appear as empty showing just lock emoji when you first finish snapchat sign-up process. But after the passage of time, the trophy case will start filling with the trophies. You just have to unlock the trophies after finishing the targets. For example, if you finish the target of the first snap, you will receive the respective emoji. When you get the Snap streak status on snapchat, you will get other trophies as well. Just keep sending snaps to your friends, and you will unlock all the snapchat trophies there. Here are some trophies that might appear in the trophy case:

  • Globe

When you post a snap on a live story, then you will get this trophy in snapchat.

  • Link

The new snapchat version includes integration of Bitmoji app with the snapchat. When you link your bitmoji account with the snapchat, then you will get the link trophy.

  • Blue Circle

When a snapchat user created a story is memories then he/she will get a blue circle.

  • White Circle

When the snapchat user sends a story from memories for the first time, he/she will get white circle trophy.

  • Minidisc

When a user saves a story to memories, then he/she will get this trophy in the trophy case.

  • Eyes

When the user sets up the eyes only in memories, then snapchat will reward you with the eyes trophy.

  • Sleuth

If you searched for a snap in the memories, then you will receive this emoji.

  • Sunglasses face

Last year, snapchat announced that they are changing their primary company’s name from Snapchat.Inc to Snap.Inc. The company also announce their new hardware product called as Spectacles. When a Spectacles user pairs with the app it will award this emoji to the user.

  • 1 Finger

When a user sends a snap with one filter applied on it, he/she will receive this emoji as a trophy from snapchat.

  • 2 Fingers

Two finger emoji will be rewarded by snapchat to a user when two filters are applied on a snap.

  • Baby

When a user’s Snapchat score hits ten, it will receive this emoji as a reward from snapchat.

  • Gold Star

After hitting the score of 100, the snapchat will reward this emoji to the user.

  • Sparkles

Sparkles emoji will be rewarded by snapchat when a user’s snapchat score hits 1000.

  • Circled Star

When a user’s Snapchat score hits the 10,000 figure, then it will receive this emoji trophy as a reward from the snapchat.

  • Rocket

If you are lucky enough and your account has a user base and followers, then you might achieve this target soon. Snapchat offers this emoji as a trophy to users with 100,000 scores. So, keep getting snapchat followers for more trophies like this.

  • Explosion

Snapchat awards this emoji to users with 50,000 scores.

  • Ghost

If you are a superstar, you might have achieved this target on Snapchat because a user with a Snapchat score of 500,000 will get this emoji. The person will be called Snapperstar.

  • Video Tape

When a user sends a video Snap, he/she will receive this trophy from snapchat.

  • Movie Camera

Send 50 videos as snaps, and you will get this emoji as a reward in your trophy section.

  • Video Camera

The trophy area of the Snapchat app will get this when a user sends 500 videos as snaps to the friends.

  • Sun Face

If the user sets the temperature filter above then 100 degrees Fahrenheit then he/she will get this sun face emoji.

  • Snowflake:

When a user sends a snap with temperature filter lower than freezing, then this emoji will be awarded as a trophy to him/her.

  • Flashlight

When a snapchat user sends ten snaps with front facing a flash of the phone or snapchat, then he/she will get this snapchat trophy.

  • Ogre

This emoji looks terrifying. When a user sends more than 1,000 snaps using the front facing flash, then he/she will get this trophy.

  • Loop Once

Flip the camera once while making a video snap, and you will get this trophy as a reward.

  • Loop

Flip the camera five times while making a video snap and you will get this trophy as a reward.

  • Rotate

Flip the camera ten times while making a video snap and you will get this trophy as a reward.

  • Monkey Holding Ears

When a user makes a snap, and send it to another person without any audio in it, then he/she will get this emoji as a reward.

  • Magnifying Glass

Send ten photos as Snaps, and you will get this emoji. The photos should be entirely zoomed.

  • Microscope

If a user sends ten video snaps using zoom feature, then he/she will get this microscope emoji.

  • ABCD

A user who posted one hundred snaps with large text font then he will get this trophy.



These were most of the Snapchat trophies that Snapchatters can get after using the app. If you want to get all of these emoji trophies, then you should be a full-time snap chatters. So, keep your dedication with snap chat and get all of these trophies.

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